Fields of law

Our services cover advice and notarization in all areas of life and business, where notarization is required by law. This extends from the simple power of attorney of a real estate sale and purchase agreement to complex international transactions.

Real estate law

A focal point of our work is real estate law. We draft and notarize purchase contracts on plots of land, private houses, investment appartment buildings, freehold apartments and commercial buildings. Are you planning to endow some real estate? In this case too we will gladly offer you advice and assistance. We will draw up the contract for you, notarize it and support you during the transaction when dealing with authorities and banks.

We have particular experience in partitioning real estate into condominiums, the law of property developments as well as portfolio acquisitions and sales throughout Germany.

For your convenience please find a questionnaire for preparing a notarization of a real estate sale and purchase agreement under Service.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We have particular expertise in complex business transactions (mergers & acquisitions). We are adept in dealing with contracts drafted based on Anglo-American principles. We provide support in solving difficult questions arising at the interface between foreign corporate and real estate law and the law of German registers and authorities. This applies in particular regarding to proof of existence and representation of foreign companies. Each partner also has employees who are particularly experienced in this field of notarial practice.

Commercial and corporate law

Do you want to become an entrepreneur? Even choosing the legal form is an important step for your professional future. We will take this step together with you, explain the different possibilities of efficient work to you (individual enterprise, partnership, incorporated company) and make the best choice with you. Subsequently we will draft the documents for you and arrange the registration in the Commercial Register. Even after founding your company we will continue to assist you in your ongoing legal affairs. This particularly applies to the transfer of shares, amendments of the statutes, changes in management, etc. We have particular expertise in supporting mergers and acquisitions. Moreover, we are extensively qualified at conducting shareholders' meetings of publicly listed companies.

For your convenience please find a questionnaire for preparing a notarization of a limited liability company ("GmbH") under Service.

Inheritance law

When it comes to inheritance, disputes can quickly arise. Our task is to prevent this from happening. Particularly in the case of passing on companies to the next generation we avoid expensive conflicts and in this way ensure the company’s survival. We also provide solutions for new phenomenons like the digital estate. Do you also require support when organising matters relating to probate? No problem. We will advise you and make applications for you for certificates of inheritance and certificates of executorship to be issued.

Family law

Whoever is planning to get married, adopt a child or get divorced should rely on our support. Getting advice makes sense particularly before getting married. We will inform you in matters of marriage law and draw up a contract that complies with the interests of both spouses. If you are getting divorced we conciliate as neutral advisors and arbitrators and in so doing contribute towards a consensual separation being achieved.

Powers of attorney and advance directives

Sometimes it goes quicker than you think. Suddenly you become incapable of acting due to an accident or an illness and become reliant on external help. Spouses and relatives are not automatically authorised in such a position to take legally effective decisions.

As notaries, we are specialists in the field of precaution. We will assist you when drafting powers of attorney and living wills for cases of emergency. We will point out ways that can avoid judicially ordered support and help you to assert your will in cases of illness. You determine which reliable persons shall become become your agents and which guidelines to act they are to follow. We’ll assist you in putting your wishes down in writing.

Foundation law

Hamburg is Germany's capital regarding to foundations. The Hanseatic city can be proud of this fact since foundations typically serve a non-profit-making purpose. Families or business people are increasingly also setting up foundations as tools for securing their assets, particularly if there are no suitable successors. We will help you design the statutes and will solve together with you the many inheritance and fiscal problems.

International law

The globalisation of economic life requires consultation going beyond the boundaries of German legislation. Foreign companies are becoming increasingly more involved in contract conclusions. This can raise difficult legal questions. Make sure you have the advice of an internationally experienced notary at your side, who will protect you from pitfalls.

Also in the private field you will benefit from our experience in cases of international dealings. When two people of different nationalities get married we determine together with you the law that is to be valid during the marriage and in the case of a possible divorce. The case is similar with international inheritance cases. Regardless of whether you as a German have your assets abroad or as a foreigner your assets in Germany: we will clarify together with you which legal system is to apply in the case of succession.

Trustee activities

As impartial consultants we are predestined for trustee activities. In the framework of property deals and corporate transactions we will keep your money, bonds and other valuables but also other sensitive business data and know-how safe. Objects in notarial trusts are particularly protected. This provides a special guarantee for all those involved.

Other legal fields

All of our partners are experienced and fully qualified lawyers. Therefore they are also at your disposal as competent contact persons in other legal fields. The office faces the challenges of a modern service and media society. We are committed to always fulfilling the highest technical standards.